I Feel Empty Inside

I Feel Empty Inside, during the past few months, ever since the lockdown had started. Previously, whenever I felt like this, writing is my way out. However, I had been struggling to do that ever since I moved to Mumbai 1 and half years ago.

Finally, I decided to push past all my feelings and insecurities and use variety of ways to write, and this is my attempt at writing a poem.


I feel empty inside,

My mental health taking a dive,

It’s raining outside,

I fell worthless every day of my life.


During the lockdown,

I am alone,

I could only talk to my family through phone,

How long till all of this is done?


Working from home every day,

I am not getting enough sleep,

My way to deal with it,

Is by being moody.


The silver line,

In all of these,

Is me losing weight,

After so many trials.


What about you? How are you dealing with what’s going on lately?

What do you think about my poem? Is it any good?

Comment it.

If you liked the post, consider following me. I would post contents similar to this regularly.

Until then, goodbye.


Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.


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