Ava Max is a Great Singer

Do you believe Ava Max is a great singer?

I am sure as hell that she is, if you listen to some of her songs like Sweet but psycho, Salt, Kings & Queens, Alone, Pt. II, So Am I and Not your Barbie Girl.

I have been listening to these songs for the past two weeks and every day I am listening to at least one of her songs in loop. I just could not get them out of my head or stop listening to them.

They are great, inspiring, good to listen and uplifting in a twisted kind of way. Especially Sweet but psycho, Salt and Kings & Queens.

What about you?

Do you think Ava Max is a great singer? Who is your favourite singer and whose songs have you been listening to in a loop these past few days?

Comment it.

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Until then, goodbye.


Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.



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