Intermittent Fasting – The worst way to lose weight, if you can lose it in the first place

Have you ever tried Intermittent Fasting?

I had for two weeks and those two weeks were the worst days of my life. It was somewhere around January or February 2020 and I didn’t weight myself during that time.

I followed 16:8 method, 16 hours fasting window followed by 8 hours eating window.

6-8 hours of the 16 hours fasting window were easier. I nearly slept 6-8 hours during that time. The remaining time was a torture for me. Especially those last 4 hours.

I was waiting for when my fasting window was going to be finished so that I could eat food. I was so hungry that I could barely concentrate on my work. As the end of my fasting window neared, my hands were shaking; all I was thinking was what I could eat to satisfy my hunger.

When I do get to eat, I ordered so much food, stuffed it in despite feeling full. I was sweating like hell while eating and I could only imagine how others felt watching me eating like hell.

After I ate that much, I felt guilty as hell for eating all that food.

I would eat two more meals for the rest of the day, one usually small and other big.

End of the day, go to sleep, wake up again and the cycle of torture repeats again.

It was not sustainable for me.

If you are one of those gifted 5% who could follow intermittent fasting, enjoy it and still lose weight, kudos to you.

I am not one of you.

I hate Intermittent Fasting. It is the worst way for me to try to lose weight.

Now I know that being in Calorie Deficit is what matters when you try to lose the weight, I would never go back to Intermittent Fasting ever again.

What about you?

Is there any other Dieting Method that you have tried that you failed so miserably like me?

What are your thoughts on this?

Comment it.

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Until then, goodbye.


Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.



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