When I came back home(Poem)

Hi guys, Here’s what happened when I came back home from Mumbai after 5 months for my sister’s marriage. I lost 20 kilos in those 5 months and these are the implications of it, my parents saw me after a long time.

When I came back home, after a long time

Everything felt new, too good to be true

When my parents saw me, I am too weak is what they said to me

It is because they saw me, after days so many.

They tried their best, to change my mind the most

By making me to eat more, than I was doing before

I ate for a day, ate next day my way

But when our relatives arrived, my diet derailed.

I gained my weight back, within as little as week

Which took me 3 months, to lose all of those

Just few more days, follow their ways

Until my sister’s marriage, I have to throw my diet in garbage.

What do you think about it?

Comment it. If you liked it, follow me and share it to your friends and family if you find it worthy.

I would post content regularly like this.

Until then,

Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.


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