Weekly Favourites: 03-August-2020 to 09-Aug-2020

Hello friends,

How have you been? What exciting had happened during this week?

I am fine and the most exciting thing that had happened to me this week was my sister’s marriage.

This week, I had another song that struck in my head and played it in loop.

It is none other than Who’s Laughing Now by Ava Max which had been released last week..

I especially liked the little laughs from Ava Max that comes in the midst of the song. It was the reason why I played it in loop. Her little laugh struck in my head.

Here’s the YouTube link for that song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89S-RbszwJE

I fell in love with two Light Novels, The Billionaire God of War and Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss.

They were so good and engaging that I couldn’t stop myself from reading next chapter.

And the main thing about these novels were it’s short chapters.

What about you? Have you heard about any of the above?  Did you like them?

What are your weekly favourites?

Write in the comments below.

If you liked the post, consider following me. I would post contents similar to this regularly.

Until then, goodbye.


Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.





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