Surya- Chapter 2: Meteor

Just as Surya jumped off from the edge of the Forbidden cliff, an unusual thing happened above him.

The sky darkened so quickly that all the villagers were scared out of their wits. Many wails could be heard as the people saw the darkness descending upon their village.

Animals having the knack of sensing danger from nature before  the humans, tore away their bindings and ran away, scared out of their minds. The only thought they had was to escape away from the darkness.

With this, the whole village of Surya’s was in chaos. When it came to people though, it was worse.  Some were afraid, awakened their powers and ran screaming on the top of their lungs while some poured every ounce of their power to protect their most precious treasure.

Surya’s family, which was most gifted in the entire village, had prepared themselves to face off this darkness using their extraordinary powers.

At the same time, Surya’s ex-fiancee was shrieking at her new boyfriend, who left her to preserve his own life. She was so angry that she wondered why she had chosen this man as her boyfriend. She thought that if she were to survive this darkness, then she would beat the daylights out of her boyfriend.

While everyone were preparing themselves for facing the darkness that was descending upon them in their own way, Surya was experiencing something entirely different.

He felt that the time freeze all around him as he clearly felt himself being suspending in the mid-air.

The path below him was endless darkness, scaring the daylights out of him. No matter how much he tried, he was not able to move an inch.

He felt something invisible controlling his body, pushing him to upright position.

It was then that he saw that a meteor was flowing straight towards the forbidden cliff. It was so glorious that he was blinded for a moment. Yet after a moment, he was able to see the meteor clearly.

With each passing moment, while the darkness was descending all over the village, the meteor was shedding layers.

He could vaguely see the meteor rotating at extraordinary speed. Here and there, he was able to see a dark light alternating with brilliant white light.

As it inched closer towards the forbidden cliff, he was able to see an infinite symbol, with one half containing extreme darkness while the other half containing extreme light.

Before Surya could see further, it changed it’s direction and felt straight towards him. Surya tried to move either left or right, but nothing helped. He felt as if he were a sculpture.

It struck Surya and he felt pain spreading all over his body. It was so intense that he felt he was in hell. He even thought that death was more welcome than the pain he was feeling.

After the meteor struck Surya, the resounding waves were so intense that the whole forbidden mountain was destroyed within seconds. What was strange was that only the mountain was destroyed.

The darkness that had suddenly enveloped the village, left as soon as the mountain was destroyed.

Surya surprised he was still alive, but at the edge of consciousness.  After some time, he was slipping in and out of it. Before he lost consciousness, he heard a child’s voice.

“Help me.”


Here’s the Chapter 2 of my new Novel or Light Novel Surya. What do you guys think about it? Did you like it?

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Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.


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