Surya – Chapter 3: Strange Place

Surya’s body was aching everywhere. He felt like he had been used as someone else’s punching bag, beaten till he could barely tolerate the pain and finally lost his consciousness.

What’s worse was the pain at his chest. It felt like someone was grinding his chest and it was so horrible that he wishes it to go away.

His chest started to feel hot as if someone were cooking it, and soon, it intensified. The pain also grew unbearable. He was unable to tolerate it.

Finally, when he was about to lose his consciousness, he was satisfied.

But it didn’t remain like that for long. He was soon slipping in and out of consciousness. Every time he was conscious, the pain and heat grew more intense.

Amidst all these, he was able to hear a child asking for help. It was the same voice that he had heard just before he lost his consciousness the first time after the meteor slammed into his chest.

It was rare for him to find that someone was asking for his help. So, he couldn’t control himself anymore and forced himself to stay conscious.

It didn’t work at first. But after multiple attempts, he was able to wake up.

Finally, he opened his eyes to see that everything all around him was blinding white. It was so intense that black spots appeared in his vision and he immediately closed his eyes.

His eyes stung and watered as he kept hoping that he would not lose his vision. If that was the case, then would even his mother care for him? No, she couldn’t.

Who would keep a waste with them? Isn’t it a burden. But his mother had taken care of him till now, despite that fact. But if he were to become blind, then the chances of her leaving him were more. So, he prayed to God that he would not lose his vision.

When he opened his eyes slowly once again, he discovered that he was present in a strange white room. Everywhere he sees, it was covered in white.

His vision stopped at the small child in a fetal position and shaking. Is it sleeping? Having nightmares?

He didn’t know.

He walked towards the child to wake it up. He put his hands on the child’s shoulder and shook gently.

The child shrunk into itself as if it was afraid that he would be harmed.

How can Surya harm anyone? He didn’t have his power awakened.

Controlling his feelings, he shook the child once again and when the child didn’t open its eyes, he sighed and walk back towards his original location.

He did everything he could to wake up the child. But since the child was not willing to open its eyes, there was nothing he could do. He would just wait for the child to wake up.

Meanwhile, he decided to scout his surroundings.

The strange white room was barren of anything. Only the child and he were present. This room was worse than his room back at his house. At least, he had a bed, a pot of water, and his clothes.

The white all around him was so much that he was irritated.

Where was he?

He didn’t know. It was his first time seeing the entire room in white.

After pondering for a few minutes, he realized that he was struck by a meteor and he came to the conclusion that he died. And this is the afterlife.

He remembered his mother’s face and his shoulders shook. His heart hurt. It was much more painful than the pain he had felt when he woke up in this strange room.

“Mother, please forgive me. I know that I am a waste and a burden to you. I wish to born again to you, this time as more powerful so that others would stop looking down upon you,” he said to no one in particular.

He accepted the fact that he had died and decided to look at his companion. The small child.

The child was pale. It was exuding a powerful aura. If it had continued to grow up, it would have been more powerful than even his village head. But since it had died and appeared in this strange afterlife, it’s luck was as bad as Surya’s.

As if the child felt Surya’s gaze, its shoulders stopped shaking and slowly looked up.

The moment it had seen Surya, it screamed in rage.

“What did I do to deserve this punishment?” the child asked, looking up.

The child then hurled curses so vulgar that Surya couldn’t tolerate it anymore. Just who was the one that taught such vulgar words to a small child? If he were to find them, he would beat them until they are unconscious.

“Hey, don’t worry. It’s just that you died like me and there was nothing you could do. At least hope that you would get a better life in your next one,” Surya said.

The child stopped cursing at the roof and glared at him so much that Surya felt he should run as far away from the child as possible if he were to preserve his life. He then remembered that he had already died. There was nothing that he could do and braved the child’s glare.

“My luck is shitty. Why did I have to … you … argh!” the child shouted at the top of its lungs and soon, the power started to accumulate all around its body. It was terrifying and if it were to continue to accumulate, Surya was afraid that it could destroy the entire room.

But the power that the child accumulated lasted only for a moment, only to be dispersed once again and the child was drenched in sweat. Its whole body was shaking. It didn’t even have the power to curse loudly.

“Shitty…luck.” The child said as it loses consciousness.


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