Surya – Chapter 4: Syri

It has been god knows how many hours the child remained unconscious. Surya felt like he was responsible for the shitty luck of the child. But it was the first time that Surya had seen the child. So he didn’t know what the reason was for that.

The child uncurled itself from its fetus position and blinked its eyes. It stared at Surya and his whole body trembled.

“How could it be like this?” the child asked.

“Look, I don’t know why you are so miserable like this. Just accept the fact that we are dead and in the afterlife. And let’s just wait for whoever comes to send us to our next life,” Surya said.

“You are weak and stupid to such an extreme that … that …” the child struggled to form words. After breathing hard for few times, it shook its head. “It’s all because of you. I am unlucky. I hope that my brothers and sisters were having good luck this time. Otherwise, I don’t know how we could complete the mission.”

“What mission are you talking about? And I know that I am week, but I am nowhere near stupid. Besides, I am the most intelligent amongst our younger generation in my family. But, what good does it do if I am not able to awaken my power?” Surya asked.

“If you were the most intelligent amongst your generation, then … you.. you are responsible for my shitty luck,” the child said.

“What does your luck had to do with me?” Surya asked.

“Everything. If only a strong one had stood on the top of the mountain, I would have successfully carried out my mission. But… look at what I had ended up with,” the child said. “Besides, you are thinking of me in terms of it, and not her. I am a living being, just like you, but from different species.”

“Her… how… it doesn’t matter. We have already died. It doesn’t matter what our gender is,” Surya said.

“Stop talking about this dead nonsense. We are so much alive.”

“Then how do you explain this strange white place?” Surya asked, pointing all around.

“This… you are not in a position to learn about this place. Otherwise, your cultivation would be affected,” the child said.

“My cultivation… my power should have been awakened, to begin with. Stop talking nonsense. What’s your name anyway?” Surya asked. He thought he should at least know the name of the child. He couldn’t stop calling her as the child for whatever time they are together in this strange place.

“I am Syri. And your power has already been awakened. Someone can’t enter this place if it were not the case. Just stop spouting nonsense and let me wail in my despair,” Syri said.

“Syri, that’s a good name. and what do you mean by me being alive. I fell from the Forbidden Cliff, got hit by a meteor. How can I still be alive?” Surya asked.

“Mr. Super intelligent guy Surya, it is like this. The meteor that you had collided with is me and you are as much alive as any living being can be. It’s just that you are being chosen as my … the …” Syri struggled to form words. “Besides, it doesn’t matter. I am the greatest amongst our generation. If my brothers and sisters were to know that I am assigned to someone like you… I would become a laughing stock for them.”

“Syri… what do you mean by being chosen as your… explain it clearly so that I could be of help to you. If you don’t like it, then you could c—”

“No. Stop that line of thought. I see that you are rather weak. If you promise to help me, then I would help you with your cultivation. What do you say?” Syri asked.

“Help me with my cultivation? Is it possible?”

Syri nodded.

“Then I would do anything that you would ask me to do,” Surya said.

“Well. It’s not like I had any choice in this matter anyways. Now, you come here,” she beckoned me closer and whispered. “You practice the special cultivation system that I am about to give you and your power would be increased.”


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