Surya – Chapter 5: Super Task Cultivation System

“Super Task Cultivation System,” Syri said.
“What? How can any cultivation system name be so lame?” Surya asked.
Syri huffed. “I knew you were not intelligent. I could only blame my shitty luck for that. A mere mortal dared to insult the cultivation system name that I had painstakingly chosen after a whole month,” she said.
Surya swallowed. How the heck could anyone be able to take a whole month to name such a lame cultivation system? She is not to be trusted. Wait! She is still a child. Is that why she was finding it difficult to name the cultivation system.
What about the cultivation system itself? Surya thinks that it would be as good as the name itself. Which is utterly lame.
“You remember that I can read your thoughts. Neither is my cultivation system name is lame, nor is the technique. Many mortals would be falling on their knees, ready to give anything in exchange for studying my cultivation system. It was so famous that I had to change the name of the system several times in order not to get myself in trouble,” Syri said.
Syri looked like a small child, but she was speaking as if she were alive for centuries. Well, a child thinks that she had lived a long life. Even Surya had thought that he had lived a long life many times.
“I am not like you. And stop with your inner monologue. Just tell me whether you would accept this system or not,” Syri said.
“It’s not like I had anyone teaching me any cultivation system anyways. I will accept your Super Task Cultivation System in exchange for any help that you required. But before that, could you explain what your cultivation system is?” Surya asked.
“Sure, I can,” Syri said and moved to stand in front of Surya. She put her hands behind her back and looked at him like a renowned professor would look like. But after he had seen that expression on her face, Surya was struggling to control himself from laughing.
Syri glared at him, then continued. “It is a cultivation system where a mission will be assigned to you with specific rewards as well as experience points. Once you were successful in completing that mission, you would be able to obtain those rewards, along with an increase in experience points. The more experience points you have, the greater your power will be. As you accomplish more and more missions, your cultivation level would increase accordingly,” she said.
“You are meant to say that just by accomplish the mission, I would be able to increase my cultivation level?” Surya asked, not believing what he was hearing.
Syri nodded her head.
“But it’s just ridiculous. If it were so simple, then the whole world would be fighting to get their hands on the cultivation system,” Surya said.
Syri sighed. “You can see why I had to change the name of the Cultivation System so many times. That’s why it was getting so difficult for me to pick more magnificent names than last time,” she said.
Surya had already agreed to learn this system from her. The only thing he could do was grit his teeth and proceed farther. Any cultivation system is better than not having one.
“I accept The Super Task Cultivation System,” Surya said.
“Good. Then, let’s start the process,” Syri said closing her eyes, touching her forefinger in the middle of her forehead and muttered something under her breath. She opened her eyes, which glinted and in a blink, she appeared in front of Surya.
Syri was shorter than Surya, so Surya had to bend his head to look at her. Syri faced the palm of her free hand down and sharp bursts of air emitted from her left hand. Slowly, Syri hovered in the air. Soon, she rose few more inches before Surya and she was at his level.
She touched Surya’s forehead with her forefinger. “Super Task Cultivation System. Activate,” Syri shouted.
A blinding light erupted from Syri’s forefinger, dark sports appeared in his vision as something slammed into his forehead. He felt like something was pricking his forehead. It was so powerful that Surya felt his head was about to explode. The agony was so much that he was not able to tolerate it anymore.
As the pain intensified more, Surya’s vision darkened. With a wail, he lost his consciousness.


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