NaNoWriMo 2020 Day Seven -Chapter Seven: Kiss & Torture

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I have written 2436 words today, in three 20-minute writing sprints.

Without further ado, here’s the content I have written today. I hope you like it.


Chapter Seven: Kiss & Torture

Surya was shaken by his encounter with the Powerful One. She was, as the name suggests, so powerful that he believed that even his master, Syri, was afraid of her.
He believed till then that his master was the most powerful one he had ever encountered. But after seeing the Powerful One, he was sure that his master was much weaker than he had believed her to be.
And when the Poweful One tried to erase his memeory at the end, Syri came out of nowhere and fought against the Powerful One. Surya believed that something important had happened and Surya should remember it as much as possible.
Then, when he was still chocked by the aftermath of the wave that broke out of the mental attack by his master and the powerful one, she took control of him and escaped from the Hungry Inn.
Then she went into deep sleep inside the Living Realm.
Surya was not surprised that his plans for making Powerful One accept him as her disciple had failed. After all, it was one of the way, a foolish one at that, that he wanted to prove his worth.
But instead of helping him, it harmed Syri so much that he didn’t know when she was going to be normal. Or even going to wake up.
As things looked, she was not going to wake up anytime soon and he had to deal with his problems alone. Without her help.
The Powerful One knew about Surya, his master, Sryi and Surya believed that she also has a system similar to the one his master had given to him. She might’ve given it to Madhav also.
Most importantly, the Powerful One wanted to erase his memory of her, and he failed.
She hated his master and opposed whatever that Syri does.
That meant she would be making things difficult for him.
She was either going to try his memories or was going to kill him.
What should he do now?
He can’t escape towards Neeraj’s basecamp. He believed that she had a trail on him and Surya would be delivering his basecamp to the enemies.
He couldn’t abandon the task of rescuing Shravani and go back to his village. They had proclaimed him as Harbinger of Darkness and would not take him back if he proved otherwise.
He had to stay near the enemy. They were bound to search for him nearby. If by any chance that he was found out, then he was sure that he would be killed. But for now, he was more safe near by the enemy than anywhere else.
He went towards the servant quarters and stole some poor one’s clothes. He donned them, secretly observed in the shadows how they behaved.
Keep his head down. Do as he was told. Don’t ask questions. That’s it. It’s so easy that Surya could do it with his eyes closed.
He started to act as a servant, while looking out for an easy escape.

It has been a week Since Surya was serving as a servant for Madhav’s men. He had been so good at it that, he was being transferred into the main area where Madhav was present, while he was beling blindfolded and surrounded by millions of guards.
Surya was inside the arena, keeping his head down and brooding, waiting for others to give him a task.
But he stood like that for an entire day and he wasn’t called to do anything.
Surya felt frustrated.
Did they find out him, the real truth and wanted to shame him? Is that what they are doing to him now?
Soon, Surya found out why he was being asked to wait.
“They caught one of the enemy,” one servant said, while passing by him. They were very excited about that.
Surya was afraid at first. Then wanted to strain as much as possible and look for whom they had caught. But he couldn’t view much. So, he just resigned himself to be treated as nothing.
Surya didn’t know what time it was, but someone grabbed his shoulders and shook him. “Are you the new one that they have sent?” the guard asked.
Surya nodded.
“Good. Go along with them and fetch the equipment,” the guard said, pushing him towards the other servants.
Keeping their heads down, the servants were shuffling forwards and Surya folllowed them.
They took many turns, chosen one amongst many during the intersections, walked outside, then deep inside the ground, moved into a secret room, then found the equirpment.
Torture equipment.
Surya shivered at that. Surya didn’t know the name of the equipment, but knew that they could torture someone at unimaginable lenghts.
One collar had spikes inside, which when put on anyone, would pierce him. The similar equipment was found for binding wrists and ankles.
Then there was spiked chain, a smooth metallic sheet, attached to the box, which glowed from the slits within.
Surya’s eyes went back towards the spikec chain. One end of the chain was attached to the wooden handle, while the chair was thicker at the base and as it reached the end, it tapered, ending in a point.
His eyes bugged at the various torture equipment, but Surya forced his eyes not to betray his emotions. He willed his hands to stop shaking as he put the equipment on top of a cloth spread out in the centre.
Once they put all the equipments, they stepped away form the cloth as far away as possible. Surya didn’t know why they did that and was a little bit slower while stepping away.
Surya suddenly felt the cloth slide from his feet, throwing him in the air, with his back towards the floor. As the cloth wraped itslef around the equipments in it, Surya dropped to the ground.
His back ached so much that Surya screamed.
Before his voice could broke out, other servants scrambled towards him, and one of them put her mouth towards him, his voice drowned into her mouth.
She let out a disgusted groan as she let him go, wiping her hands on her lips.
“I didn’t imagined my first kiss would be to a servant. If only I wasn’t so curious about this…” she trailed off, glaring at him as she stood.
Surya stared at her, his eyes widening and mount open. He was so shocked that he didn’t speak. He just stared at her. “What? Are you so slow witted? Come to your senses before they pull you away to torutre chamber,” she said.
Surya still stared at her. “If you reveal this to anyone, I will kill you. Wait, I should kill you,” she said, stepping menacingly closer towards Surya.
A servant by her side pulled on her dress. “My lady, if he realizes that you have kissed him, I don’t think anyone could survive. Please ignore him. We will take care of him,” she said. “And please make yourself seem like a servant.”
The other one who had kissed him seemed to be someone important. She sniffed. “I can act like anybody I wish and no one would recognize me. Besides, I am bored watching him lose daily,” she said.
The servant lady stiffened at that. “Please, my lady,” she pleaded.
The lady shook her head and went to stand at the back, glancing at him, curious.
Surya shook his head. She seemed to be the type looking for trouble. It’s better to stay as far away from her as possible. The servant looked at him. “It’s better if you forget what had happened here today. If master were to find out, you would be killed,” she said.
Surya swaollowed. Who was this master that the servant kept on mentioning? He curbed his curiosity. He had to look for a way to blend himself in, and when opportunity arises, get away from this place. “I already forgot about it. Now, can we make a move,” he asked, standing up and dusting off his pants.
The servant nodded, then stepped back.
They lifted the large sack, this time the mental mage, probably the Powerful One or another, not helping them carry, and placed it on the top of their shoulders and made their way back to where he started.
It took a long time, but they reached his initial position and continued forward, till they reach a meeting room.
There, a soldier was tied back to a pole. Once they arrived, the leader amongst them, the one reekning of awesome power, glared at them, urging to move things faster.
They untied the knots and spread the tortured equipment.
He glanced at the equipment and nodded his head. “Good. Now we will see how long you are going to keep your charade of not talking,” the leader said.
The prisoner barely raised an eyebrow. “Madhav, I didn’t think you would resort to such crude methods,” he said.
Madhav. Surya shuddered. He was the Harbinger of War. He was the one whom Neeraj hoping to defeat, he was the one from whom Surya hoped to rescue Princess Shravani and get his hands on the sword.
“Bharghav, I thought you were my friend once. But as time passed, I realized that you idealize Neeraj as if he were an awesome and powerful one. You should realize that after I had obtained this,” Madhav said, caressing the sword at his hands as if one would a lover, “No one could defeat me.”
Bharghav chuckled. “I don’t think so,” he said.
Madhav glared at him, taking the spiked chain with wooden handle and leashed at Bharghav. Blood spurted out of the wounds, but Bhavrghav grinned at Madhav instead.
Madhav glared at him, then leashed him a couple of times more. Finally, Bharghav grunted in pain.
Satisfied, Madhav nodded his head.
“See, any man can be made to view my perspective and accept me as the powerul one,” Madhav said.
Bharghav spat blood to his side. “Beating me doesn’t make me acknowledge what’s been false to begin with. You are just wasting your breath on me,” he said.
Surya started, as he realized that he had heard this voice before. It was the one who he had spoken to back at the Happy Inn.
Madhav snorted. “Tell my why you have been following my Inn these past few days,” he said.
“Why, to see your downfall,” Bharghav said.
Madhav gritted his teeth. “And how are you going to accomplish that?” he asked.
“Through a powerful mage. We have heard that the Powerful One was interested in our mage, had even said if he had met with our mage earlier, she would’ve chosen him as her disciple, gifting him the sword that you care so much about now,” Bharghav said.
Surya stiffened. How did they find out about that? He thougth that they would be keeping this as a secret. But it seemed like Bharghav was either an expert at getting information he wanted, or the enemy intentionally let the informations slip to get their hands on him.
Surya had to escape along with Madhav before that happens.
“Oh, the one who escaped with his tail between his legs after getting beaten down by my master?” Madhav asked.
Bharghav shook his head, then his eyes fell upon Surya. His eyes widened.
“What, now you are surprised by the truth?” Madhav asked.
Bharghav chuckled. “No. I am not. In fact, I am surprised that you are keeping the one whom your master had been hunting these past few days amongst yourself,” he said.
Surya swore under his breath, glancing at his surrounding. He didn’t wnat them to realize that he was the one that the Powerful One had wanted. He knew that he had to escape from here.
Madhav glared at him. “Stop playing games. There’s no way that this mage of yours could hide amongst us. My master would’ve caught him if that were the case,” he said.
Bharghav grinned. “What better place to stay and be safe than at the enmies, really, you are very cunning. I really hope that yo would take care of this bastard and free our princess,” he said out loud.
Surya froze. He was going to get caught for sure.
Madhav frowned. “You really meant it?” Madhav asked.
Bharghav shrugged. “Who knows? Maybe, I was just messing with you. You wanted to torture me. Get this over with quickly,” he said.
Madhav galred at him, then truned and glanced at his surroundings, the metallic chain with wooden handle still clutched in one hand while his other hand holding a black sword.
His eyes roamed over Surya. For a moment, Surya felt like he was found out, but Madhav hadn’t given him a glance. He kept on looking at others.
“I think you are messing up with me. Since you so heavily wanted to being tortured from me, here it is,” Madhav said, ordering the servants to set up the metallic sheet on a box with slits that revealed something glowing within in front of Bharghav.
He ordered his men to set Bharghav on the top of it. Once he stood, Madhav beckoned and Bharghav screamed on the top of his lungs.
The metallic sheet was steaming, producing scorching sounds.
Madhav ignored it, then went on to put the spiked collar on his neck, pushing the spikes into the skin.
Finally, he lashed with the spiked metallic chain a few times.
The screams of Bharghav was so loud and depressing that Surya shook, and pissed several times.
He could imagine this being his fate if he were to get caught.
Surya was sure that there was no way that he was going to save Bharghav. He had to escape, and soon.
Madhav stopped the torture, and allowed Bharghav to relax for few minutes. Once he was able to speak, Madhv stepped twoards him.
“If you are still interested, I wanted you to be my right hand man. I will increase your power and wealth. All you have to do was give me the location of Neeraj’s basecamp along with the identity of this mage of yours,” Madhav said.
Bharghav’s eyes glzed, foam forming at the corner of his mouth. His whole body was shaking and he let out blood curling scream and said. “Harbinger of Darkness.” And he felt still.
“A mage. We have enemies mage amongst us,” Surya screamed at the top of his lungs.
Soon, the soldeiers readied and servants ran around in a jumbled chaos.
“Shut the gates,” Madhav yelled.
Surya used the chaos and ran out of the Madhav’s basecamp, still hearing Bharghav’s screams.


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