NaNoWriMo Day 29-Part 2: Shravani: The Destined

Hello readers,

I did it. I finally did it. I have a little more than 50,000 words within 29 days, with a week of not writing anything. To complete this draft, only two more chapters left. Which I will take my time to finish. maybe 3 to 4 days.

We will see.

How’s your day going?

Mine was pretty good.

I am going to post this on 30-Nov-2020, even though I had finished this on 29-Nov-2020 because I had already post much today.

At the end of writing today’s content, my word count is 50,187 words.

After I finish this draft, I am going to post in separate blogs, the various techniques I have used for plotting, drafting and my chapter structure.

Without further ado, here’s the content for Shravani: The Destined.


Shravani: The Destined.

Shravani walked away from the room containing the torture equipment and she could barely control herself from squealing with delight.
She had met with Surya, her destined. Though he didn’t know who she was, but still they had met with each other.
More importantly, they had kissed each other. Even though she acted like she hadn’t cared about the kiss that much, she very much enjoyed it, treasured it more than anything in her life.
The moment she had been waiting for since she had heard about her and the destined had finally arrived and she could barely contain herself.
“Control yourself, my lady,” said a sarcastic voice from behind her. It was the servant who had spoken up for her against Surya.
Shravani smiled. They were still in the presence of Madhav’s guards, so they had to keep pretense.
“Of course, but what had happened just now was such a matter that I can barely contain myself,” she said.
The servant behind her snorted. “As if it was an event any woman should be proud about. He kissed you, my lady. Kissed you, not on your hands or your cheek. But on your lips. I heard he is a mage and had put a spell on you so that he could kiss you, take you under his control,” the servant said the last part loudly, where there were guards and spies present.
Shravani merely smiled. “You are mistaken. Have you seen that man? I heard he had even the Powerful One interested in him. Such a man of great power, how can I not be interested in him. His eyes, his mannerisms, everything about him screamed me to do what I did back there. He is just…” she trailed off, with a dreamy look and let out a sigh.
“My lady, it was sure sign that you are under his spell. We must take you to the Powerful One, to cleanse you,” the servant said.
Shravani stiffened at that. That storming witch had taken her family heirloom. The one that she was supposed to give to Surya when they met earlier. If only … she stared back at her servant, who urged her to move forward. “Don’t mention her name with me. I hate her. And let’s leave it at that. Besides, you are not allowed to call my kiss against the mage earlier, was done under the influence of spell. I disagree with it. I had seen him, felt his aura, his eyes and I had kissed him under my own violation,” she said, as she turned into a corner, then crouched on her knees, she looked back and forth, found none of the guards and pressed her hands on a stony sphere and stepped back.
The ground beneath her opened, making a way into the underground tunnel.
She stepped inside, ordered her servant to step inside as well.
There was a brief flash of light, accompanied by a pin-prickling sensation running through her entire body. She struggled harder, her hands stretching for finding the similar stony sphere. She found the sphere and pressed it, closing the entrance of the secret tunnel.
They were in absolute blackness and Shravani reached inside her robes for light when her servant did the same for her. She had the flint and the lantern out and she lit the light within moments.
Soon, she was able to see her servant, or rather Bhavana who had disguised as a servant. She was furiously wiping at her face, scrubbing off the powder that masked her face. When her face was back to her usual self, she stopped and sighed.
“It’s good to have my own face back,” she said. “You don’t know how long I have been waiting for to do that.”
Shravani went towards her and gave her a hug. She hugged back. Shravani was about to let her go when she resisted her hugged her harder. Then she squealed at the top of her lungs.
Shravani looked around to see if anyone had heard her, then realized that they were inside a tunnel and there was no way for anyone above them hear them, no matter how louder they are.
So, even though Shravani did not know why Bhavana was squealing, she had her own joy to celebrate and joined her.
When they composed themselves, they stopped, stood apart each other.
Bhavana’s eyes were red-rimmed as if she were crying. Which she was.
“Are you alright?” Shravani asked her.
Bhavana nodded. “Yes, I am. It’s just…” she trailed off. She took a deep breath. “It’s your brother. He had kissed me. He had kissed Bhavana. I thought he had loved Bharghav, but he had kissed me,” she said, pointing towards herself.
Shravani was surprised that it had ever happened. She knew that her brother had been in love with Bharghav, had even kissed him and made physically intimate gestures with him when he thought they were alone.
He had declined every one of Bhavana’s approaches, finding excuses to not attend to her even when her father had ordered her.
“He kissed you under his own violation?” Shravani asked her friend.
Bhavana nodded and Shravani hugged her, squealing much harder than before, jumping up and down in joy.
Today, both of them had kissed each other’s destined. It was a happy occasion to celebrate.
“Tell me the details, every one of it, no matter how small it might be,” Shravani asked.
Bhavana’s cheek colored, but she did mumbling when it came to intimate parts. Finally, when it was finished, Shravani gasped.
“You pulled him back to the kiss when he broke apart?” she asked.
Bhavana nodded. “I had been waiting far too long for this to happen and how dare he keep it so short. I deserved it more than anything in my life,” she said.
Shravani sighed. “I am happy for you,” she said.
Bhavana smiled. “I think it’s finally the time that I revealed the truth about myself and the fact that we are destined for each other,” she said.
Shravani was shaking her head. “Are you sure you want to do that? After all, he was in love with Bharghav,” she said.
“He said he was also in love with me. No, he didn’t say that, but his gaze and his actions conveyed the same. Which was good enough for me.”
“What if he would be scared about you after he learns the truth?”
“He said he would not care about my secret. He said that he loved me and that he trusted me. I just have to trust him and reveal the truth myself,” Bhavana said.
Shravani was worried for her, but it had been too long since Bhavana had been waiting for the moment. Now that her brother had kissed her, it was the right time.
Shravani nodded her head. “I think you shouldn’t announce the truth to him as soon as you seen him. You have to break it down to him, bit by bit so that he didn’t get scared,” she said.
Bhavana nodded. “I had everything prepared. I would’ve done it already, but I thought you had to know. Since you had been supporting me ever since you knew the truth about me, my kind and my love for your brother,” she said.
Shravani’s heart was filled with warmth for her friend. She smiled, struggling to control the prickling of her eyes.
Her friend smacked her hand on the top of her head. “How could I have forgotten about what had happened just now? You have found your destined. Are you sure Surya’s your destined?” Bhavana asked.
Shravani nodded, not able to express her thoughts in words.
Bhavana hugged her once again and they parted after few moments. “I am so happy for you. You have finally found your destined after so many years,” she said.
“I know right?” Shravani asked.
Bhavana nodded. “But there’s something that I wanted you to know,” she said and hesitated.
Shravani frowned. What was there for her to hesitate about? “Go on,” she said.
Bhavana opened her mouth, then closed again and did that for many times, when Shravani prodded her again, she sighed. “Surya was not what the rumors were claimed to be. He was not even what the heavenly one had claimed to be in your dreams. He’s a powerless and hopeless weakling. He is not interested in you, just the sword that Madhav possesses. I heard him asking about the sword around and claiming it was important and that he was there to resuce you, even before any of our people opened their mouths. And you should know that everyone are pretending that you were not kidnapped,” she said.
Shravani frowned. Surya was powerless and a weakling? It had been one of her assumptions and it didn’t matter to her. Once her destined gets his hands on her family heirloom, he would gain power. Even if he didn’t gain power, she would still be happy to live the rest of her life with him. She wanted to be with him out of pure love. Not because of some mythical power. “I don’t care about it. I just wanted him to love me, which he will after he spends some time with me,” she said.
Bhavana’s gaze suggested that she didn’t believe what Shravani had told to her. “Like the way your brother had treated me and finally kissed me? You knew how much it had hurt me. And you still wanted that life for you?” she asked.
Shravani turned away. It’s true that she didn’t want to face what Bhavana was facing now. But her situation was entirely different from Bhavana’s. She believed that it would not lead to that. “The heavenly one said that Surya was bound to love me, marry me, spend the rest of our lives with me and that he was my destined. I have the rest of our lives to convince him about that fact,” she said.
Bhavana shrugged. “Anyways, I am too happy for you. If only I had known that Surya was your destined, I would’ve told him the truth and wouldn’t have been harsher,” she said.
Shravani’s eyes narrowed. “You gave him trouble?” she asked.
Bhavana had explained what had happened and Shravani forgave her. She was suspicious and she was acting on them. She couldn’t blame her for that.
“It’s alright. But remember to treat him nicely in the future. How knows, maybe your…” she trailed off, looking meaningfully at her.
She nodded. “I will see whether that will happen or not. But for now, is there anyway that I could help you?” she asked.
Shravani shook her head. “No. Ira has the family heirloom and without it, Surya would still remain as powerless,” she said.
“Should I get it for you?” Bhavana asked.
Shravani shook her head. “Are you insane? I would not let you get anywhere near that witch. Who knows what she would do to you? Besides, the heavenly one suggested that only Surya could use the chain and locket, transform it into a sword. Though, doing so for the first time, without my presence, would require blood sacrifice,” she said.
Bhavana gasped. “You meant to tell me that the chain and locket I found inside Neeraj’s old wooden box was your family heirloom?” she asked.
Shravani’s eyes widened. “You had given it to my brother?” she asked.
Bhavana nodded. “I had give it to him, just before I came here. If that’s the case, I must get out of here. Once Surya escapes from here, and reaches Neeraj’s camp, I would be there to explain what it really means,” she said.
Shravani agreed with her. “If you are going to do that, then remember that there’s a raging madness that’s inside the sword. Once Surya wields it, it would take the control of his mind, would try to take over him. You had to remind him to be strong willed, banish the darkness. If only I were at that time, it would’ve been easier. Well, it doesn’t matter. I heard the heavenly one say Surya is strong willed. Even Ira had praised him to be the same. He would took over it. But make sure that he does that amidst Madhav’s soldiers. I want as many of them dead as possible,” she said.
Bhavana nodded. But before she could say anything else, the room flashed with red light and a loud cackling sounded.
It was from Ira. She had discovered them. Then she realized that she had seen light flash her vision when she had entered the tunnel, which was the magical defense of the tunnel. But now she remembered seeing a hint of red in it.
Ira appeared in front of them still cackling as she took Bhavana by her hair.
“Good. Too good. You have confirmed may of my suspicions about this one,” she said, pointing towards Bhavana, who was shaking horribly, “and also about where is your family heirloom and how to bond with it? It’s too good. See you soon,” she said, and disappeared with a red light.
Shravani collapsed to her knees as she stared at the empty space, her eyes tearing up.
And she sobbed.


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  1. Wow, your imagination is great! all the best with the last few chapters.
    Should this line “How knows, maybe your…” perhaps start with Who and not How? and the following
    “You have confirmed may of my suspicions about this one” should may not be many?

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