After NaNoWriMo Day 5- Chapter Fifteen: The Battle Begins

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Sorry for not posting after NaNoWriMo finished. I had written a little more than 50,000 words. In a sense, I won this year’s NaNoWriMo, by writing 50,000 words in this month.

Below are the few snaps of my NaNoWriMo.

In a way, I failed to finish this Year’s NaNoWriMo, because, I have failed to finish the entire story in in the month of November. But I am close to the ending.

Today, I have started to map out the final battle of the book, and below is the content I have written for some part of it. Without further ado, here’s what I have written today.


Chapter Fifteen: The Battle Begins

Surya, Neeraj and Bharghav arrived at the army that camped outside Madhav’s together.
The sandstorm was about to approach them any minute now, the wind blowing so heavily that Surya was surprised that they were still standing.
It was then that he realized that Neeraj was helping him and Bharghav with his sand magic, using the sand that was blowing in the air and commanding it to protect them.
Neeraj didn’t’ had much trouble to protect himself as he was walking as if he were born to do this and Surya envied him for that. But still, Surya didn’t want to be in a situation similar to Neeraj.
In love with a shape shifter who can change their gender.
Then he remembered his own situation with Bhavana and sighed. He had his own problems to deal with. Most importantly, he had to save Syri, whom, he was feeling less from the Living Realm as time progressed.
“We have to hurry. I believe that Syri’s fading away,” Surya said.
Neeraj nodded and stepped up towards his army.
Surya observed that Neeraj’s soldiers were also doing the same Neeraj did with Surya and Bharghav.
Sand magic users were paired with non-magic users and there were also the third person in each group. The mental magic users.
Neeraj raised his arm, commanding the sand from the blowing wind, which glowed before coming towards his hands and forming the shape of a spear.
His soldiers, who had the magical capability did the same.
Some non magic users were indicated by them holding real spears, swords, hammers and shields while the mental mages were empty handed.
“Is this why you said Sandstorm was nothing to be worried about?” Surya asked, pointing at the spear made of sand in Neeraj’s hand.
Neeraj nodded. “Sandstorm could be a curse to others, but to sand magic users, it is a boon. It was during sandstorm can one progress, use as much sand as he can without losing his life,” he sand and turned towards his army.
“My friends, time has arrived for us to take the war to them, the traitors who supported Madhav and Ira, and also to Madhav and Ira. Today, we have to avenge the King, who had been beheaded. We have to rescue our Princess who was under their captive and destroy Ira’s plans. She is a rogue one and we had to hand her over to a mage of our own. Sura,” Neeraj said, pointing towards Surya.
All the eyes were pointing towards Surya and he squirmed under their pressure.
It would’ve been better if Syri were beside him, giving support. He tired to look into her in the Living Realm and she was…
Surya didn’t know what he was feeling. Before he could consider it much deeper, Neeraj shouted. “To the Kingdom. Krishnarayam,” he said.
“To the Princess Shravani.”
“To avenge Our King.”
“AVENGE OUR KING.” The army shouted so loudly, the non magical soldiers banged their sears on shields and some on the ground that the ground trembled, the waves rippling the sand away form the air.
Then they were marching towards the enemy soldiers, who were also doing the same, standing in a group of 3.
The battle began, Neeraj’s army attacking Madhav’s.
The sand mages summoned sand made several objects out of them, throwing them at the normal magical users. Some hit their target, taking their lives, while others were being dashed away by the shield of sand formed by the sand mages of their team.
Neeraj and Bhavan stepped into battle, doing most of the work in their team while Surya made sure that he didn’t get in their way, at the same time hiding behind them.
If he were careless even for a little bit of time, then he would be killed, just like many, sand mages, mental mages and normal ones dying in the battle from both the sides.
The scale of battle had made him think of his village, back when his betrothed had made her love beat the crap out of Surya. It seemed so silly now, at the same time, the fear he was feeling now was exponentially so many times than back then.
The battle paused for a moment, the enemy blowing horn and raising their shields. Neeraj’s army raised their shields and watched as the enemy’s army parted, making wave for a lone figure who was walking towards them.
As he figure approached them, Surya was shocked as he saw the air shimmering about him, the sand and light alike when it reached the figure, was sucked into the blackness that were leaking form the cracks at the figure’s skin. The blackness was more gaseous and there was no sign of blood.
The lone figure was Madhav and his eyes were entirely black.
Surya looked more closely and realized that it was not the black, but a shade of red so dark that it seemed to be black.
Madhav hefted his sword, which was brilliant shade of red, that when swung emitted dark red waves that consumed whatever coming in it’s way, and lifted it in the air.
“Surya, today I came to challenge you in a duel to death. The winner gets Princess Shravani, while the loser loses his life,” Madhav shouted at the top of his lungs.
There was a sudden calmness surrounding them all, even the sandstorm seemed to have paused, waiting to see Surya’s decision.
Surya glanced at Neeraj and Bharghav, who would be on their way to search for Ira and nodded to them. They started to make a move, while Surya turned towards Madhav.
“I accept.” Surya said and chaos erupted all around them.

“He’s scary,” Bharghav, or … Bhavana said.
Neeraj glanced at her and knew that she was unnerved. He didn’t know how her powers worked, but the more emotional she would get, the more she would revert back to her original self. Her female self.
And right now, she needed him to provide courage.
“I know, but Surya’s going to take care of him,” Neeraj said, or he hoped that Surya could do that.
Bhavana shook her head. “No. The bonding… there’s something strange about it. He should’ve finished bonding only after destroying your army, but your army was alive and well, yet it seemed like he completed bonding or something close to it. It seemed like…” she trailed off, looking far ahead and shuddered.
“What is it?” Neeraj asked.
“I think Ira has something to do with this. She might’ve forced the bonding. That’s why it’s leaking the dark red gas that destroys whatever it touches. At the same time, consuming him. Though it was not as dangerous as Surya’s fight against darkness, but … there’s something strange about this. I have a bad feeling about this Neeraj. I don’t know whether we could …” she trailed off and started to choke.
Neeraj stopped both of them, then hugged her. It’s true that he had hated her female self at first, and loved Bharghav at firs. But as days progressed, he felt like he loved both of them. Though it’s going to be difficult, he had to be there for her.
“We will take care of Ira. We have to stop her and everything would be solved. You have to be strong for that,” he said, patting her back.
No mater what he did, it didn’t help.
“I… I am trying to …” she trailed off, the let go of the hug and forced him to walk with her.
Sighing, he walked along with her.
Soon, they reached an empty area, where the ground has the top portion of a sphere visible from the ground. She pressed the sphere and a the ground split, revealing steps leading them down.
“This is where Ira captured me,” she said, then walked down, Neeraj followed her.
Once they reached the flat ground, Bhavana frowned, then closed her eyes. Her frown deepened. Finally, she opened her eyes and she started again.
“I can’t… I …” she trailed off, shaking.
“You aren’t able to change gender?” he asked, holding her in his arms.
She nodded and put her head on his chest and sobbed.

Syri struggled to hold her consciousness as she started to fuse with the swirling darkness and light that’s trying to catch each other in a circle.
If she were to fail here, she would not only lose herself, but also doom Surya and the world itself, by destroying Surya and releasing the darkness and light which will rage the whole world to destruction.
She was feeling that her power was not enough to complete the fusing, but as long as she maintains her consciousness, it would be enough.
She pushed past the pain to her very existence and melded together with darkness and light, which streamed into her, the darkness and light fused into each and every cell of her body.
The rest of the swirling light and dark was small, and could still be dangerous. But for now, she had to leave it at that.
She officially took the control of the Living Realms by her act of fusing and she could feel the Living Realms of humans nearby her.
If one were not bonded with a being like Syri and became their students, then their Living Realm would become empty.
But if one were bonded, their Living World would show signs of a mini world inside. The more command over their Living Realm, one has, the more life like their Living realm would be.
And she found Madahv’s Living Realm, where Ira was hiding.
The whole world was falling apart, the dark red seeping out of the various cracks on the surface of Madhav’s Living Realm.
If Surya would’ve finished his task and bonded his sword, Surya could’ve healed it. The corruption that was spread all around Madhav’s Living Realm.
But as of now, if Surya didn’t kill Madhav, the dark red gas would cause destruction similar to the one if Surya’s darkness and light were to be let out of his Living Realm, only Madhav’s would be concentrated on a single region where as Surya’s would be on the whole world.
Before either of that could happen, she had to warn Surya.
Her bond with Surya had enabled her to talk with him in his mind, her fusing with the swirling light and darkness has given her power to bring anyone inside the Living Realm of those nearby her.
So, she shifted Surya and Madhav into Madhav’s Living Realm.
She could’ve brought them into Surya’s Living Realm, but Surya’s Living Realm was undergoing changes as of now and unstable. If she were to bring Madhav into Surya’s Living Realm, Madahv leaking the dark red gas would corrupt Surya also.
But inside Madhav’s Living Realm, she saw Ira, who was staring at her in horror. She was not her usual confidence self that she maintained around her whenever she was nearby Syri.
Ira could see Syri, but Madhav and Surya cannot, who were staring at their surrounding in confusion.
Madhav’s confusion cleared away as he saw Ira, cowering and shaking.
Madhav glared at her, then waved her away, out of his Living Realm using his mental magic.
Only Madhav and Surya left inside Madhav’ s Living Realm, with Syri’s presence undetected by either of them.

Ira was scared as she saw Syri, so powerful and almost fused with the swirling light and darkness.
Syri could only finish the fusion if she used every bit of her power in the process.
But a part of Syri’s was sealed inside the locket, which Ira clutched to her chest, which was heaving up and down.
She was surrounded by the army, which was fighting as if the world was about to end, and she had to get away form them. Most importantly, she had to get away form Syri.
The only was was if she used the underground portal which will transfer her to her own world.
If her calculations were right, Madhav would lose himself, destroying Krishnarajyam and everything within along with him.
That included Surya. Syri would get destroyed with him and the swirling darkness and light would be released destroying this entire world.
She had to get away from here before that could happen.
The portal’s location was the same place that she had caught Bhavana earlier.
And she was forcing her way towards there.

Shravani could hear that war was happening all around her, but she was frustrated that she was not of any help in it.
She wanted to help her destined, and the only way to do that was by destroying the object, the locket that contained sealed powers of the heavenly one.
She was pacing all around her room, thinking of a way to help them when she suddenly stopped.
She smacked her hand on her head and exclaimed loudly.
“I wasn’t being watched,” she said.
She screamed once again just to be sure that no one were coming towards her and stepped outside, more hesitant at first, but became more confident as she remained undiscovered.
She was soon marching towards the underground room, where Bhavana was caught by Ira earlier.
She knew Ira well by now and she believed that Ira had kept the locket inside the room.
She had barred the entrance after Bhavana was captured and was surprised to see it opened.
She carefully stepped inside, but as she heard familiar voice, sobbing, she increased her speed to find Bhavana sobbing against Neeraj’s chest.
He glanced at her, then mouthed. “Help her.”
She nodded and stepped towards him when Ira appeared out of nowhere.


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