The Dark Tattoo

The Dark Tattoo was waiting for someone to get her.
She was that of dragon of green colour so dark that you couldn’t recognize her as a dragon, but a spot of dark paint. Since she is normal tattoo, she was a 2 dimensional figure.


“I don’t love you,” Sampath said.

Her heart twisted at his words. It was not like she hadn’t tried her best. She did everything within her power to make him hers. But nothing proved to be helpful.


Chapter One

Varma, a 55 year old guy, was walking along with his daughter, Shyamala, on the footpath. It was her graduation day and he was very happy for his daughter. She finally graduated with flying colours and there was nothing that could make him happier.

Fancy Mirror

A guy who was covered from head to toe in black stepped inside the hotel room.  Even his face was wrapped in black cloth, with slits for eyes, nose and mouth.