How to stay on track with your goals? My New Year Celebrations, small success, failures and Updates

Hey readers,

New Year Celebration and changing of Flat:

Happy New YearšŸ„³

I know it’s 10 days late. But I was busy in shifting to my new flat alone. New Year Gift, apparently.

My previous flatmates are moving out of the flat, and it was too expensive for me alone. So, I decided to move to a 1BHK flat, which has decent monthly rent, but too much of a burden for me to bear advance.

How are you doing?

I hope everything’s fine with you. And how did you celebrate the new year?

I celebrated it with my flatmates, enjoying chicken and mutton fry along with Thums Up for me and my other flatmate, while the rest of two enjoyed drinking.

I am a huge introvert and didn’t talk much. So I listened to them talk mostly and responded and talked a little more than I usually did and ate so much chicken that I was so stuffed.

1st January was also the marriage anniversary for my parents and I called at 12:00 AM and wished them, talked with them and more with my sisters. It was so good.

Weight Loss Journey Update Part 1:

The positive thing that I noted on that day was that I deviated from my diet in the afternoon. When I reached home and they asked me to join New Year Party at our flat, I agreed.

I was tired, didn’t want to exercise or complete my steps. But I did both of them, exercised a little bit slowly and went as far as doing 13K Steps.

Then when I woke up and checked my weight, I was shocked to see that I lost 250 gms. And then on 1st January, I stuck to my diet, even when I felt like deviating once again. I got motivated by me losing weight and at night, even when I felt like not exercising, I did. I finished 15K steps. Stuck to the diet and even lost nearly a kg.

I stayed consistent on my diet up to 08th Jan 2021. I had night shift these last week and my colleague tempted me to order Pizza at night for 3 days straight. I resisted successfully for 3 days, had a day leave to dedicate to shifting to my new flat, then next day, another colleague came and asked me if I am still following diet and seemed to gain weight, kind of in a mocking way and I was hurt.

He hadn’t seen me during the last 2 months. He didn’t know my struggle with weight loss and that comment really hurt me.

The way I deal with this kind of situation is by eating food.

So, I ordered Chicken Biryani at night, then again at afternoon yesterday, I ordered another Chicken Biryani and Pizza at night. They delivered the wrong Pizza and when I called them and informed the same, they gave me the right Pizza, asked me to keep the first delivered Pizza right with me.

There were totally 8 slices of Pizza in it. I ate 6, forced myself to stop eating anymore and threw two slices away.

That was the best thing I ever did. Throwing away those two slices.

I woke up and checked my weight to see that I gained 1 KG, which I am sure I would lose in 3-5 days to come, by sticking to diet, 15K steps(which I didn’t do yesterday, but stick to it during the last 2 months, barring 2-3 days here and there in total), and exercise 6 days a week.

My Writing Update:

Previously, I postponed writing the last chapter of my NaNoWriMo novel, but still few more mini-scenes were left, which I will finish and post it in blogpost. I know that there were loopholes in the story, lacking world building and major character changes, I am daunted by it.

My gameplan for it was to do it 5-10 minute chunks per day till I finish it.

My Career Update:

I am struck at a Support Job for 4 years, which I started as a fresher. Which would not be good for my career. I am learning a course on IIB online and I hope to finish it and look out for jobs in development. I love coding and my friends, who had found job last year, and one who got job recently, guided me towards it and I am helpful for that.

But no matter how hard I tried, I can’t seem to force myself to blaze through it like I could like a TV Show. I am learning a little bit everyday and I hope to finish it and start searching for new job soon. Preferably in Bangalore, where my parents were staying.


I had started 2020 with my weight being 80 kg.

Lock down, Working From Home and being alone in the flat, became a huge boon for me and my weight reached 58 kg’s.

Then went to home for 2 months and my weight reached 64 kg.

Then back to Working form Office, I was unable to adjust to it, deviated entirely from the diet and stopped exercising and my weight reached 72 kg.

Then I tried and failed to lose weight again and again, focusing on losing weight faster and my weight only increased.

I focused on my step count first. 10K steps everyday, now I am doing regularly 15K steps a day.

Then my diet, which I am still struggling for most of the days, but my game plan is to stick to eating 4 meals a day of fixed diet. 4 boiled eggs, dhal veggie, french toast and the last one either egg bhurji or 600-750 ml of Thumsup(216 to 270 cal), all rounding up to 1500 calories per day for the new 3 weeks.

Then on exercising regularly. Which I stick to.

I hope you started this year with positive note. If not, feel free to reach me over comments and I will sure respond to you. These blog posts were the way with which I am keeping myself accountable, on the track for my goals. I hope you move forward in your goals daily.

And also we need to remember this line from Motivation Myth:

If you want to stay motivated, if you want to stay on track, if you want to keep making progress towards the thing you hope to achieve, the key is to enjoy small, seemingly minor successes- but on a regular basis.

Having goals for ourselves is well and good. But we have to focus on what we need to do today, accomplish that and you would feel good about today.

My goal is to lose weight. Previously, when I didn’t lose weight even for a single day, I was disturbed and back to ordering pizza and coke and not exercising. But the past few days and weeks, I observed that I would workout, finish my step count and stick to the diet.

If I failed to stick to the diet, which I was from time to time, and even yesterday, I should shrug it off and was right back on the diet.

Every single day, I should focus only on doing the exercise, step count and the diet for that day.

As I achieve them, I would happy about myself and move to the next day more confident. This was what’s been hppening during last few days that I sticked to my plan.

Focus on doing what you need to do today, do it no matter how hard, small or easy it might be, and feel good about yourself. Repeat the same the next day and the day after that and let’s achieve our goals together.

Happy New Year to you and your family and friends and let’s make 2021 the best year.

Until Next Time,

Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.



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