My trouble with weight loss attempt post Lockdown

Hey readers,

How are you dealing with post Lockdown? I hope you are doing better than me.

I am ashamed to say whatever progress I had made during the Lockdown, especially where my weight loss was concerned, I had lost most of it.

Before Lockdown, I weighted 80 kg. During Lockdown, I dropped down to 57 kg.

And after lockdown, I weight 70 kg.

My current situation:

I gained 13 kg’s during the last two months, struggled to go back to diet the way I used to during the lockdown time and failing most of the time, struggling to exercise regularly and failing similarly.

The only thing I accomplished nearly every day was walking 10,000 steps per day, during the last three weeks. I guess, I should focus at least on this aspect and progress forward.

Failed Weight loss attempts:


I knew that if I had to lose my weight, I should eat around 1500 calories every day, then decrease it a little bit as my weight loss rate barely progress from week to week.

As I had mentioned earlier, I could stick to eat 1500 calories for only 3 to 4 days per week. Rest of the week, I would get so tempted by eating biryani or pizza or most importantly drink the coke that I got addicted to during the past few weeks that whatever weight I lost during the 3 to 4 days, I gained it all back, and then some.


The case is same for exercise. I could do 3-4 days of exercise per week. Then I would fail to do it for the rest of the days.

As I said earlier, the only thing that I had going for me was walking 10000 steps every day, nearly most of the days during the last three weeks.

My current weight is around 70 kg.

Am I happy now?

Absolutely not. I feel miserable, for ordering pizza, coke or biryani. For not exercising, when it was only for 30 minutes, which I could at least do, if I stopped thinking about doing it, or dreading about it.

What needs to Change?

Diet –

Stick to eating 1500 calories.

Exercise –

30 minutes of insanity max 30.


I should trust in the process, in Calories In and Calories Out and in the plan of insanity max 30, then do it, stick to it no matter what happens.

Why had my attempt worked before, during the lockdown?

Ordering food online/hotels-

Hotels were closed during the lockdown, and I feared ordering food online for the fear of covid-19.

Working from home-

I was working from home. So there was no troubles for me to wake up early, prepare and eat the damn food that I actually prepared.

Diet –

I could stick to eating my calorie limit pretty regularly, as I don’t have to order food online or worry about hotels, which led me to eat the food I prepared. I could also prepare and eat the food when I felt hungry, making sure that my food intake stayed within limit.


As I was working from home, I could exercise when I could, at the start of the day, during the day or at the end of the day. I rarely skipped any day.

Why it failed now?

Lots of time goes for preparation of the food for the whole day. The fact that I was working in general shift one week, followed by night shift next week and second shift the week later didn’t helped.

No constant schedule.

Night shifts were worse. I couldn’t make myself to prepare food, do the damn exercise, blaming it on the fact that I was tired or I need to sleep.

I can order food online. Addicted to pizza and especially coke. Coke with biryani. Coke with anything and everything. I was craving for it.

I uninstalled the damn Swiggy, but it stayed like that only for a day. In most cases, only for few minutes. I would be thinking about biryani or pizza or coke and back to installing Swiggy, ordering the food and there goes my diet out of the way.

In a week, I would stay on diet for 3-4 days. But rest of the days, I go back to eat pizza, coke, biryani.

Off the diet.


I was not motivated enough. I know that I just have to do it, but shift changes every week. I could exercise 2 to 3 days per week. But if I think too much about it, I would not exercise.

What I would have to do?

Eliminate distractions-

Block Swiggy.

Stop using Lazypay.

Eliminate coke, pizza and biryani from my eating lists. Since they contributed to most of my diet failures during the past two months.

Set myself non-negotiable rules-

Stick to eating 1500 calories every day. No more than that.

Exercise daily, no matter what.

Do. Not. Use. Swiggy. Or. Lazypay.

Follow it through-

I have to actually follow it through the plan, especially at the starting for the few weeks to come. And most importantly, I have to focus on following the plan only for today. Not for tomorrow, or the week to come, which I will get scared to think about whether I could do it or not.

Once the next day comes, it would become today for me and focus on following the calorie restriction and exercise for that day.

Before exercising, I shouldn’t think about it. Dreading it. I should JUST DO IT.

And I should not expect to lose the 13 kg’s I gained, within few days. It’s going to take time. I have to accept that and when actually stick to my calorie intake, and exercise daily, I would start to see the weight go down.

How are you coping up with your post lockdown? And how are you thinking of dealing with them?

Comment it below.

Until next time,

Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.


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