Chris Hemsworth as Hulk Hogan

Can you believe Chris Hemsworth as Hulk Hogan?

After the way he looked in the first Thor Movie, I am sure he could manage it.

I think the technology is so advanced that it could also help a lot. Like the way they used it to make Will Smith be believable as a young guy around 20 years in the movie Gemini Man.

Chris Hemsworth is a great actor. I liked him in Thor and Avenger movie. But I hated Thor: The Dark World so much that I didn’t finish it.

Till Now.

I think the movie is too slow. He is still a great actor.

But when Thor: Ragnarok came, I freaking loved him.

I enjoyed watching him a lot in Avenger’s Infinity War. I even freaking loved him as Fat Thor in Avenger’s Endgame.

Heck, I even loved the Men In Black: International, an MIB reboot, played by him and Tessa Thompson, which didn’t fare well in the box-office.

Now here he was, going to play Hulk Hogan. He need to get seriously jacked, almost like a freaking body builder. I don’t know the time frame, but I wish him good luck.

What about you?

Do you think Chris Hemsworth could be believable as Hulk Hogan?

Comment it.

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Until then, goodbye.


Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.


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