I am Insecure

I am insecure, as I gained 7 kgs 

I ate a lot, in just two weeks

I was too thin, my parents were concerned

Should look good, to others at my sister’s marriage 

I can’t, I will follow my own diet 

As they were upset, I couldn’t continue with my diet 

I ate as they wished, ate more than I should

I couldn’t be stopped, because home food always tastes good 

Now my sister’s marriage was over, I thought of going back to my diet 

By counting calories, for which I need food scale 

But it was not working, I tried everything 

I had to find a new way, to lose the weight that I gained 

I remembered watching once, the diet with a plate divided 

Into two halves, first half with veggies 

Other half with normal food, to eat to feel good 

By losing weight, I need to follow without any wait 

I followed it for a day, saw my weight drop 

But right the next day, I found it difficult 

Coz my house is filled with relatives, they were making too many foods 

That taste good, made me change my mind 

Just a tiny bit, of the too good sweet 

After which, I ate too much 

Long before I know, my diet forgotten 

 Now I am gaining weight, a kg a day 

Going to be difficult to lose weight, but I shouldn’t wait 

For the perfect time to arrive, I have to do it 

To lose the weight, that I gained in 2 weeks 

Which took me, 3 months to lose.  

What about you? How are you dealing with what’s going on lately?

What’s your opinion about my poem? Is it good?

Comment it.

If you liked the post, please follow me. I would post contents similar to this regularly.

Until then, goodbye.


Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.


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