Short Story: Vikram and The Fairy Maiden’s Kiss

Hello readers,

I have made an attempt to write a short story, after so long. I hope that you like it.


Vikram hacked another enemy by his sword, which was stained with blood. The enemy fell as he turned towards another one who was attacking his men and beheaded him.

Blood and body parts surrounded Vikram as he made his way through the ranks of the enemy. If he won this war, then another kingdom would come under his majesty Nalanda.

Sweat gleamed his forehead as Vikram hacked another group of soldiers. The coppery stench of blood was so overpowering that Vikram was having trouble breathing. His arms were numb with the number of bodies he had felled, his legs led after so much walking.

Just as he fell the last of the enemy, Vikram caught something in red at the corner of his eye. He turned and found a Fairy Maiden, so beautiful that he was breathless for a moment.

The Fairy Maiden was pale-skinned with golden coloured hairs. She wore a white dress. Amidst the red and metal surrounding her, the Fairy Maiden did not have bloodstain. Her blue eyes were so alluring that Vikram momentarily forgot that he was amidst the war.

I must have her.

This thought was so sudden that Vikram was unable to control himself. He moved towards her, stepping on the broken corpses and pushed through the piles of the enemy and his men that were dead.

When he reached her, she smiled and ran away from him.

Vikram frowned. Why did she smile like that? Why was she running away from him? Was she expecting him to follow her? He shook his head and was about to walk away when he felt a sudden urge to have her.

I must have her.

The thought repeated in his mind again and again as the Fairy Maiden was becoming small and small in his vision.

Unable to control himself any longer, Vikram chased after her, stumbling and falling at several places.

The Fairy Maiden seemed to be gliding on top of the corpses, her dress or feet not stained by the blood even a little bit. Vikram found that confusing, but he didn’t give it much thought anyways.

At so many instances, Vikram was about to catch up with her, but she suddenly pushed herself with a burst of speed, escaping from Vikram’s touch.

Finally, after god knows how many hours had passed, Vikram caught up with her. Vikram put his hands around her arms, staring at her blue eyes. She was still smiling, but her eyes were worried. She didn’t speak but stared back at him anywas.

I must have her. 

Unable to control himself any longer, he grew closer towards her, eyeing her lips, then her eyes and back to her lips again.

The Fairy Maiden struggled, but Vikram didn’t relent to her. He moved closer to her instead and touched his lips to hers and …

Vikram woke up with a start, gasping for breath. The dream was so real and vivid that he was aroused. He glanced around and found that he was still inside his tent, in the army camp.

Such a strange dream. Is it a good omen, that he was going to have some lady luck finally?

He didn’t know.

As he was about to go back to sleep, he caught something red at the corner of his eyes.


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Until Next Time,

Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.



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