How much protein needed to build muscle?

Hi Everyone,

This is Nagendra and today we are going to talk about how much protein is needed to build muscle.

Before that though, how many of you watched your favourite actor in movie, liked their physique and wanted to have the same physique like them?

My favourite actor is Sylvester Stallone in this department. His physique in Rocky and Rambo movies was nuts. I was so inspired that I wished to have a body like that.

After many years of wishing and being overweight, I decided to make my dream a reality.

It is by working out every week, according to a schedule.

I lost 20 kg in 5 months alright, but I am nowhere near to how Sylvester Stallone looked in Rambo or Rocky. After all, it had been just 5 months since I started working out, mainly focused on bodyweight workouts instead of with weights and it took Sylvester Stallone many years to achieve that physique along with the help of PED’s.

Then I got on thinking now that I lost weight, what was the next important thing to focus on to building that amazing physique?

It is to get the nutrition right. And the main focus should be on protein.

I have watched many YouTube videos for this information and most would say we need protein somewhere between 0.7g to 1g per bodyweight.

Suppose, you are 150 pounds, then you need somewhere around 105g protein to 150g protein.

I used 0.7g per bodyweight in pounds during my weight loss journey. Which is somewhere around 80-90g protein per day.

Recently, I have been watching Greg Doucette’s YouTube videos. He is the most knowledgeable, authentic guy we could trust on YouTube when it comes to fitness.

He swears by having 1g of protein per bodyweight in pound to build muscle.

It would be around 125g to 130g protein per day according to my current bodyweight.

I will try this out for a couple of months and will let you know whether it works or not.

What are your thoughts on it?

Comment it.

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Until then, goodbye.


Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.

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